You Need To Fall In Love With The Divine

If you want something only 50/50, not with a 100% open heart, like feeling, “Well, I want to see Mother Divine.” Or, “It’s okay whether Mother Divine accepts me or not.” That’s not fair.

You need to fall in love with the Divine–really fall in love. Your soul has to really badly want to connect to it. That’s a kind of soul aching. You know soul aching? You want to communicate. You need to learn some channels. Such type of strong feeling you need to create…You need to raise them up. You have to come with a determined mind, determined heart…that you want to see it, do or die.

Once your soul is really strongly committed, it’s done. Then you can leave it alone. It will happen. Absolutely, it will happen. You cannot escape it. God cannot escape from you.

Sri Kaleshwar
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