Open Your Heart

Open your heart to those around you and I will be there. The blessings of the Guru Parampara will find you wherever you are on the globe.

Sri Kaleshwar

The Moon Of The Guru

Guru Purnima Day, that energy, that’s the master’s energy. The master’s energy channelling means my master, my master, and my master to his master, his master, and his master – the heritage of the masters’ cycles. There’s no way the illusions can hit, can touch the masters’ cycles around that month period. It is their energy. That’s why they called it Guru Purnima, the moon of the guru. A high percentage of that energy he’s controlling in his hands. At that time he can create, he can do, he can make it done certain amazing stuff in your life by grace of Mother Divine.

In this entire 365 days, Guru Purnima is a very, very special day to get the boons from the master … According to the Indian tradition it has a special law that whoever is completely a devotional student doing with the master’s prayers, they’ll get their desires fulfilled. Especially on the Guru Purnima day you can receive incredible energy, incredible blessing from the master.

Sri Kaleshwar

Winning A Few People’s Hearts

One eighty seven year old man, (he got an eye operation in Swami’s charitable clinic) he came with something in his hand and he wants to touch my feet. Am I eligible for that? No. He’s like the, the, the grandfather. Then I hugged him and he’s crying—that’s the moment. Try to win such type of moments winning a few people’s hearts. Then the life is fulfilled. Somebody needs to be really thinking, “Such a great person he is. He helped my life. He saved my life.”

Sri Kaleshwar

Spirituality Is One Side. Humanity Is Another ...

Spirituality is one side. Humanity is another side. If you ignore the humanity, only do spirituality, that’s nonsense. Once we’re born as human, we have to care about humanity.

Sri Kaleshwar

You Look To Me, I Look To You

Knowledge is different–love is different. If you have the huge love, you no need to learn any knowledge. Through the love, if you can win the love, God is your servant. He is your big slave in your life. Until to you reach him, he’s your big protector.

That is the Jesus message in the world. You look to me, I look to you.

Sri Kaleshwar

I'll Be With You...

I’ll be with you no matter what. I’ll be with you no matter what. I will be with you no matter what! In any circumstances, any painful time, hard time, happy moments, any moment, the Guru Parampara is with you.

Sri Kaleshwar

Only Go For The Positive

The point here, indirect my message, it’s okay, a person can have some positive, negative marks. Only go for positive, positive, positive, positive, positive. Start the day with positive. Leave the day with positive. Sleep the day with the positive. Whenever you started doubting, you’re giving to your mind a chance starting to thinking a negative. It starts. The devil will start a negative way. That is the bullet point.

Sri Kaleshwar

Make Your Life A Lotus Leaf

You have to make your life like a kind of lotus leaf. The lotus leaf always stays in the water, in the mud, but water never touches it. Ignore things, take only the positive things and release out the negative things.

Sri Kaleshwar

Please Take Away This Pain

Sometimes whenever you’re going in a really hard time, just simply open your heart and ask Him, “Hey, I can’t handle it–it’s pretty good done. I’m pretty good over-tired. Please take away this pain.” The master’s energy is there. But try to handle as much as you can–it’s your duty.

Sri Kaleshwar

You Are A Part Of God

…the most toughest concept in the planet is to understand the God, to feel the God. Hey you guys–God is everywhere–you are a part of God–your soul is divine.

Sri Kaleshwar

Once You Win In Spirituality

Once you win in spirituality, even if you don’t ask anything, it will come to you–financial and mental peace.

Sri Kaleshwar

I Want This, I Want This

Whenever you’re not asking Baba or the Big Boss (Jesus), “I want this, I want this,” whenever you stop that, then he starts to give you what you need. That’s the trick. I’m serious, that’s a trick.

Sri Kaleshwar

Working For The Divine

You can not command the Divine to work, to do whatever you like. You have to work for the Divine, to do whatever it likes.

Sri Kaleshwar

Inviting The Divine In You

Today you’re super healthy, tomorrow you attract some cancer…All of a sudden, a tumor starts in your brain. Two days back you were okay. Now it started. What is that?

There are three reasons for these things happening:

  1. You do not have enough protection circles.
  2. You don’t know how to purify your soul.
  3. Whenever you’re not feeding the soul with the right energy, it really makes you feel terrible.

Once you enter into the channels, even if you don’t want the protection, it will automatically start protecting you, making you hook…

Sri Kaleshwar

You Need To Thank The Divine

Whenever you’re in the happy moments you need to thank the Divine. Whenever you’re in the tragedy moments, you also need to thank God.

Every morning when you’re waking up thank him, before going to sleep thank him. When you’re starting your meal, thank him. Whenever you are super wealthy, thank God. Whenever you are super broke, thank God. You don’t know about the next day. It is completely in the hands of…God.

Sri Kaleshwar

You Need To Fall In Love With The Divine

If you want something only 50/50, not with a 100% open heart, like feeling, “Well, I want to see Mother Divine.” Or, “It’s okay whether Mother Divine accepts me or not.” That’s not fair.

You need to fall in love with the Divine–really fall in love. Your soul has to really badly want to connect to it. That’s a kind of soul aching. You know soul aching? You want to communicate. You need to learn some channels. Such type of strong feeling you need to create…You need to raise them up. You have to come with a determined mind, determined heart…that you want to see it, do or die.

Once your soul is really strongly committed, it’s done. Then you can leave it alone. It will happen. Absolutely, it will happen. You cannot escape it. God cannot escape from you.

Sri Kaleshwar

You Need Guidance In Spirituality

You need to know what you’re doing and somebody really needs to guide you until you reach your destiny. If there is no guidance, you’re lost. That is the major problem happening right now in spirituality.

Sri Kaleshwar

You Have To Experience That You Are A Part Of God

The whole system in Creation is always in you, but you don’t know it. You can do wonders, but you don’t know that. You are a part of God, but you don’t know that. Even if somebody says it and you know it, you have to experience it, too…

Between you and the master, you don’t know what the master will give to you. And you don’t know when you’re going to receive. Once you receive it, you’ll start to experience it.

Sri Kaleshwar

The Guru Is A Mirror

I always say, that you need to understand the guru’s actions and behavior, the sadguru`s character. The guru is always a mirror to your actions and your reactions. Whatever is in you he will show it back again; he’s a mirror.

Sri Kaleshwar

Brahma Consciousness

Right now in western culture, people think if a dead person is coming back to life it`s a big miracle. But in the ancient cultures it already happened. In India, several thousand years-old people are still living in the Himalayas. They have pretty good commanding with their Brahma Consciousness. They’re taking the soul and using it in a beautiful positive way. You just don’t know how to use the soul in a beautiful proper way. The bottom line is you don’t know how to use your soul.

Who handles their Brahma Consciousness in a proper way can be in deep bliss, the real Brahmananda, Chinmayananda, forever, for the rest of their life … Any miracle or amazing healing, like making a dead person alive, or fixing heartbreak, you can heal through the Brahma Consciousness.

Sri Kaleshwar

You Are The Silence

The most peaceful place in all the galaxies is the mother’s womb. It’s the safest, peaceful, quietest place. No energy can touch you there. As soon as you come out from the womb, the next second, the illusions are grabbing you. When you’re growing, the illusions are pouring on you.

So, you are the Silence, but you got disturbed in crazy ways. To get back in the Silence, you need…to create the Silence in you, to become the Silence again. You need to struggle for that.

Who really can grab that Silence, enjoy that Silence, receive that Silence in you, become that silence, what more do you need? You don’t need anything. That’s enough.

Sri Kaleshwar

Stitha Pragnata

In your life when you reach that stage, you care, but you don’t care, that’s called the Stitha Pragnata Stage. That’s the most important tuning to your heart. Tune your heart like that. Hypnotize your heart like that…Have that strong faith in yourself. Then your life is very peaceful and smooth. It’s a very, very serious point.

Sri Kaleshwar

Surrender And Baba Is Taking Care

Once you charged your soul, it means already the channel link has happened. No way you can escape. It’s a standard law … Simply surrender.

Once you surrender, even if you don’t want something but you really need it, he knows that and he gives that to you. That is Baba…Try to see your qualities. If you’re really developing your qualities he really protects you wherever you are.

Even if you’ve done some tiny mistakes through stupidity, he’s there to watch you and to take care of you. … He’ll come. That’s his duty. If you have any terrible problem just tell him, ‘Hey, are you watching me? I’m carrying this.Take care.‘ Done. No need to keep thinking on it.

Sri Kaleshwar

A Big Work To Do On The Globe

The majority of people on the globe, unbelievably heartbroken–unbelievable–living with a dead soul. No fragrance there. So there’s big work to lift; there’s really a big work to lift that.

Sri Kaleshwar

Win The Heart Through Your Actions

In your life you need two things:

  1. You have to lead your life happily.
  2. You have to make people around you happy. That happiness is the only true bliss.

Having true friends, that’s the bliss – a true community. You need to win the heart through your actions, through your love. So in your life, true friends, to really share, that you need to develop very openly…The divine experiences, that’s my job. To reach the divine experiences you need to develop these qualities

Sri Kaleshwar

Aham Brahmasmi -- Everywhere Is Brahma Consciousness

Aham Brahmasmi – everywhere is Brahma Consciousness. We’re all one – it’s a unity. We are one. It doesn’t matter if you’re born in a different country, different city, different village – whatever your religion, whatever your belief system – we’re all one. But where are you in one? Where are you in one? That you need to identify. Which place you are, in that one? You understand? That oneness…that is the most greatness. From that oneness you need to establish the great integrity, the fragrance, to connect to any soul whenever you want, wherever you want. Jesus Christ did it.

Sri Kaleshwar

The Way of Surrender

Once if you really surrender, whoever is in the heartbroken, whatever you guys and girls, surrender to the Boss, the Baba. And if you make it whatever it’s completely Pahimam, Sharanam, Sharanam. He’ll take care. The way of surrender need to be – completely be surrendered. That is the greatness of the Bhagawan.

Sri Kaleshwar

Decharging Is More Essential

Charging is essential. Decharging is more essential. If you know how to decharge, you’re a powerful, successful person.

Sri Kaleshwar

You Can Change The Desert To Green

If you have that target interest, if you have the spark interest, yes, you can change the desert to green. So, willpower is necessary. Willpower? Is necessary. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. “Yes, I can do it, I can do it. I’ll try, I can do it.” First failure, fine. Second time failure, fine. Third time, okay, fine. Keep do it. That inspiration, if you have it, you are a success.

Sri Kaleshwar

To Reach The Master's Heart, It's An Art

To reach the master’s heart, it’s an art. It’s surrendity, patience, pure dedication, pure love. Do or die. You need to get that.

Sri Kaleshwar

Where Is The Limit To Getting Spiritual Experiences?

Spiritual experiences are the branches. The experiences – where is the limit to getting spiritual experiences? Is there any limit for the experiences? The real experience, the root of everything, is how much joy you have with your master.

Sri Kaleshwar

First Serve The Humanity

First serve the humanity. Then come to spirituality. If they’re not serving the humanity, they’re not eligible to come to the spirituality. Standard law. It’s a golden statement.

Sri Kaleshwar

Always Take The Mother Concept As Pure Love

I’m talking in a beautiful conscious way. Always take the Mother concept as pure love. If you don’t take that subject as a pure love, I’m really sorry. Mother means nothing but love, you have to take it that way. It doesn’t matter if you like Her or you don’t like Her; you have to take the love. Mother Divine, whatever She’s doing, the phenomenon, this and that, is also good. I appreciate it, ‘Fine Ma. Ok, Ma, ok Ma, ok Ma, ok Ma. You do your job, I’m with you, under your feet.’ Then we’ll be at peace. She’s a protector. We’re all kids. Mother is nothing but love.

Sri Kaleshwar

Once If You're In Unity

Once if you’re in unity, certain things I can do. If you’re doing inner politics and giving unnecessary disturbance to me, the globe is going to lose it. The globe is? Going to lose it. If you’re really patient and cooperate with each other, like brothers and sisters and good friends, like teamwork, you really can create a history and a victory.

Sri Kaleshwar

Cannot Open Directly 'Our Heart' To God

We cannot open directly ‘our heart’ to God. You have to open the heart to the children, the birds, the nature – the loving persons. It brings ‘you’ to God. God is hidden in all – in everything.

Sri Kaleshwar

Nothing To Worry About

Nothing to worry about. It’s a game, the play of the Mother. Sometimes when She is giving birth, She suffers the pain and the pain transfers to the globe.

But no matter what, the Guru Parampara, the Shiva energy, will take care. Everything will be fine. Try to do as much as you can, great good help to the globe — charity works, taking care of the heartbroken people, the old age people and especially the children. Then everything will calm down.

Sri Kaleshwar

My Mission Is To Create Success In Every Soul

Heartfully it’s my huge mission, ambition and aim to create huge success in each soul. That’s it. I’m happy to work day and night, night and day whatever the energy will access to make it done. I’m happy to do it. I’m happy to face any type of pain, whatever the extent of pain. I already offered Mother Divine, ‘Use me in whatever way you want. Make my students successful.’ The number one priority is to who really has an open heart.

Sri Kaleshwar
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