The Moon Of The Guru

Guru Purnima Day, that energy, that’s the master’s energy. The master’s energy channelling means my master, my master, and my master to his master, his master, and his master – the heritage of the masters’ cycles. There’s no way the illusions can hit, can touch the masters’ cycles around that month period. It is their energy. That’s why they called it Guru Purnima, the moon of the guru. A high percentage of that energy he’s controlling in his hands. At that time he can create, he can do, he can make it done certain amazing stuff in your life by grace of Mother Divine.

In this entire 365 days, Guru Purnima is a very, very special day to get the boons from the master … According to the Indian tradition it has a special law that whoever is completely a devotional student doing with the master’s prayers, they’ll get their desires fulfilled. Especially on the Guru Purnima day you can receive incredible energy, incredible blessing from the master.

Sri Kaleshwar
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